Monday, August 10, 2009


Let's talk about happy things for a while. I always seem to tetter on the manically depressive when I write, which might be viewed as strange because that's not how I see myself at all. I've always been rather proud of my optimism, as if it's an achievement to be touted. I always endeavour to see the best in people, and I strongly oppose the IT driven philosophy that everyone in the world is stupid, present company always excepted of course. I believe that Global Warming will not be our end, and that everyone has the capacity for love. I have seen beauty in simple things and laughed along with anyone who will join me. Yet if I actually try to put any of my thoughts to paper and I'll come up with something like:

The life of us is limited to our smile
But suddenly a great pause
Settles over our lives
As if we've run into a dark room

Where yellow bubbles are floating to their brains
Y-shaped glasses and X-shaped women
Discuss their work, their children and their books

But the phone rings once and it's gone

The glasses are dropped and the women grow fat
The sounds of traffic and music are stopped
We fall in its softness and be alone

While freshly cut tears are taped to power poles
And the skid marks are washed away in the rain

So I hereby make a pledge: With the exception of the Grim short story that I'm posting (which is already far by gone pretty depressing), I shall put enough effort into my posts so as to shine an optimistic light. It shouldn't be too difficult, should it?
I think I'll start in my next post. Well, maybe the post after next.

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