Sunday, July 26, 2009

I thought I might start off with better words than mine, as I've been told it's desirable to give a good first impression.

“Who was I?

I had grown from the soil of Australia; its promise of greatness was my own; it was unique, as I was; in a sense it too was an outcast, like I feel I am; it is alone in the world in a special way, as I am alone; it has a strength which has not yet been tested, not yet been developed; it is young, like me; it has resources in its body; like me it doesn’t quite fit with the world as it is, though it yet may do; it waits, gathering its strength, which is its enormous silence about it like a coat, waiting for an idea friend, a lover, a spouse – who does not come.

The country is a virgin, as I feel I am, essentially. The hidden place in me has not been touched; my trivial adventures have not touched it. Besides, in a larger sense I am not the person who did those things; I am different.

Am I perhaps Australia?”

-David Ireland, “A Woman of the Future”

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